Old Bicycles in Prague -- Mike Short, Photographer

Old Bicycles in Prague -- Mike Short, Photographer

I have a new friend that has been a Christian for four months. So if you are going to laugh, don’t laugh at what he did until you hear the end of the story. (I told this story to some of my pastor friends and they laughed at first but they had to stop when they heard the whole story.) My friend lives in a neighborhood that is considered by most people in town to be a place where ex-felons, addicts and drug dealers live. Some of our praying grandmas in our church encouraged him to pray over his house and anoint things with tiny amounts of oil that is used for prayer. They encouraged him to pray over his house, wife and daughter seeking God’s protection and covering over his home.

While we are in the process of taking steps to expunge his record, three years ago he was arrested and convicted of drug possession. Because of his arrest and resulting sentence, most of the time his only means of transportation is his bicycle. People that get in trouble with the law can lose everything and like my friend, they can lose a lot of possessions and rarely have a car. Individuals that get caught and prosecuted for possession are a lot like you only they lose the opportunity for a good paying job, and control over where they travel and live. Years before, he had a job that took him all over the United States and the world. Since his arrest three years ago and after serving five days in jail, he has been virtually under house arrest (neighborhood arrest).

To say the least, his first day praying over his home and family was very interesting. He anointed and prayed over everything he could think of in his house. He then reasoned that if he anointed his shoes, he could walk around the neighborhood and pray for the people that lived there. Knowing the power that drug dealers have over the neighborhood, he began to pray for them. He didn’t pray against them, he prayed that their eyes would be opened to their need for Jesus Christ as their Savior. He prayed that they could experience the same kind of transformation that he has experienced since he received Christ.

As the day went on he again thought about praying for the neighborhood but now considered putting oil on the tires of his bike. He reasoned that if he put oil on the tires he could travel around the neighborhood and pray over the community. He concluded, by anointing his tires he could anoint more of the neighborhood and pray for more people. He anointed the tires of his bicycle and started praying for the people, families and drug dealers as he rode down the streets. There is a highway overpass that gives a vantage point to look down over the neighborhood. He stopped on the overpass and as he looked down upon the community he prayed for the people that live there. There are tougher and meaner neighborhoods in other parts of the country but many of the people that live here still live in the same kind of bondage and travail.

When he got back to his house his daughter called and needed another pair of shoes at school. She was already downtown so he decided to anoint his tires and head downtown. This time he prayed for the city and prayed that the people in our community would see their need for Jesus Christ. By the afternoon he finished his round trip at his home.

Late in the afternoon and at home his thoughts turned to questions. “What am I doing?” He thought to himself, “This is stupid.” (Admit it, you had the same kind of questions when you began to read this.) Who am I to presume to pray for people like me? This is silly, “Who ever heard of putting oil on your tires to anoint a community?”

He doesn’t remember what prompted him to go outside, but he stepped outside of his house and looked at the intersection that is 100 ft from the door of his home. A police cruiser pulled up behind a man that stopped at the intersection. Then another police cruiser cutoff the path of the man in the car from another direction. Then another police car and then another car and then another. A total of five police cars and one motorcycle patrolman pulled up and arrested one of the drug dealers that works the neighborhood. My friend was shaken. In the days that followed he learned that before taking on the devil he needed to be prayed up and supported by others in prayer, but I am glad he put oil on his tires. The sceptic denies any connection between prayer and results; and sometimes we chuckle at good news but at other times we laugh in unbelief. Remember what Sarah, Abraham’s wife, did…she laughed at the promise of God that she would bear a son, “Therefore Sarah laughed within herself….” (Genesis 18:12.) I say faith puts oil on the tires and unbelief scoffs in laughter. Just think of what you could do with a car…

(Copyright, Keith Churilla, 2011.)

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Also by this author: The Armor of Light Bible Study & Planner

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